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Edmonton Catholic Schools Mental Health Strategic Plan: School Conversation Guides

This series of videos and discussion guides, developed by Edmonton Catholic School District, provides opportunities to further develop your understanding of mental health and build awareness about tools and strategies to support all students’ mental health.

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How can junior and senior high school staff support the development of social emotional learning (SEL) skills in our students?

Key Understandings:
– Social Emotional Learning is a process for helping children develop the fundamental skills for life effectiveness. It enhances students’ capacity to integrate skills, attitudes and behaviors to deal effectively and ethically with daily tasks and challenges.
– Students involved in programs that focus on SEL programs has been linked to academic as well as overall success in school and life.
– Fostering SEL skills form the foundation of mental well-being and success in life.
– We want students to develop skills in the following areas: recognizing and handling emotions, solving personal and interpersonal problems, building healthy coping strategies, building healthy relationships and increasing resiliency.
– All teaching staff need to model and reinforce SEL skills in and out of the classroom.
– Schools need to integrate SEL into the fabric of the school and the community, so students can be successful in developing their physical and emotional safety and well-being. By promoting SEL as a school wide initiative, it creates a
climate and culture conducive to learning.

Length: 3:47

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