Weaving Children’s Literature into Social Studies K–5

Before the Workshop

Here are some questions to ask before preparing for the workshop. Use these as a reference to prepare for the learning opportunity:

  1. Who is the audience? What are their roles? What are their attitudes about this topic, this presentation, and/or the work environment in general? What experiences, knowledge, skills and potential contributions do they bring to this event?
  1. Are there contextual outcomes (purposes) for the workshop you should be aware of? What will be seen, heard or felt by the end of the presentation?
  1. What’s most important? Of all the possible outcomes, which are most critical? What types of outcomes are most desired – knowledge, skills or attitudes?
  1. What resources will we have to work with? How much time is available? What needs to be communicated to whom prior to the event? What background knowledge do participants have about this topic? What are their levels of expertise?
  1. What other Social Studies workshops and/or related inservicing has the staff participated in?
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This resource was developed by ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.