Weaving Children’s Literature into Social Studies K–5


This workshop facilitator guide is intended to support district curriculum facilitators and district PD leaders in providing learning opportunities for teachers in addressing “Weaving Children’s Literature into Social Studies K–5.”

The goals of the workshop (and the materials in the Workshop Facilitator Guide) are to:

  • Discuss and explore how children’s literature can facilitate student learning in the Social Studies program.
  • Further develop understanding of the Alberta Social Studies program.
  • Share ideas, strategies and experiences using children’s literature to support student learning in Social Studies.


As a result of a grant from Alberta Education to the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium, this workshop package has been developed to support weaving children’s literature into the social studies Program of Studies. The primary developer of this resource was Thalia Hartson with assistance from Karen Keats Whelan. Joni Turville helped with editing and Carrie Dolan, an Education student, contributed an activity.

This resource is intended to support schools and district leaders in Social Studies so they can have access to processes and strategies that will facilitate ongoing conversations and learning opportunities focused on using children’s literature in Social Studies.

For further information about these workshop materials, contact the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium at 780-444-2497 or email info@erlc.ca.

It is assumed that facilitators (and participants) will have experience with the front matter, philosophy and rationale for the Social Studies program of studies through an introductory workshop and/or a tour of the program of studies in the Online Guide for Implementation at http://onlineguide.learnalberta.ca

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This resource was developed by ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.