Focus: Inclusive Education (Programming for Student Success)

What is UDL (Universal Design for Learning)?

Presenters: David Rose, Grace Meo, and Jeff Diedrich

The videos and supporting resources on this page are from the Alberta UDL Summer Institute 2011 and relate to creating a deeper understanding of UDL: what it is, why it matters, and how it might be used to support the learning of all students.

The Disability is in the Medium – David Rose

What is the difference between a print disability and a learning disability? David Rose introduces the concept that the medium of instruction is where the disability is.

See slides 1-16 in PowerPoint (UDL – Making Connections Presentation).

Length: 3:40

How Does Neuroscience Enhance our Teaching? – David Rose

An introduction to the core differences of “neurodiversity” and the variables and complexity of the science of learning.

See slides 17-34 in PowerPoint (UDL – Making Connections Presentation).

Length: 12:27

Tour of the UDL Guidelines – Grace Meo

Grace Meo walks participants through the structure of UDL guidelines and how they are applied to practise. This is an excellent resource to share with staff new to the concept of UDL.

See UDL Guidelines (PDF) document.

Length: 13:58

Pedagogy is Paramount to Successful Implementation of UDL – Jeff Diedrich, Michigan

See PowerPointUDL Pilot Classrooms – Jeff Diedrich.

Length: 23:32

What Do We Mean By UDL? Framing the Experience – David Rose

How Universal Design for Learning grew out of architectural design is briefly discussed, along with the concept of how UDL is designed to provide options and alternatives from the beginning rather than retrofitting.

See slides 1-8 in PowerPoint (Meeting the Challenge of Individual Differences in Recognition Systems).

Length: 7:36

Planning for All Learners Curriculum Planning Process for HS – Grace Meo

Grace Meo leads the group through the PAL process (Planning for all Learners) from a lesson and unit planning perspective. She demonstrates the importance of understanding the goal to minimize barriers to maximize opportunity. She leads the group through a math probability lesson to demonstrate this.

Length: 25:38

What is Ahead for UDL – (ipad, portable media, apps) – David Rose

David Rose demonstrates a variety of resources and apps.

Length: 15:41

This resource was developed under the leadership of ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.