Focus: Mathematics

Personal Strategies in the Mathematics Classroom Division II- Division

Length: 17 minutes 27 seconds

This podcast looks at the changing focus from memorized procedure to personal strategies in the area of multiplication.  Examples of different multiplication strategies such as lattice multiplication, base ten/sketch/pictorial model, standard algorithm, distribution-front end multiplication, extending the distributive property, commutative property, round up and adjust, associative property-halving and doubling, close to ten, partitioning using decade numbers, and compensation strategies are explored.  See how to use these methods with your students, based on the work of well known mathematicians such as Cathy Fosnot, Marilyn Burns, Marian Small, and John Van de Walle. See how a variety of methods can be used to help support students as they develop flexible, meaningful strategies for multiplication.

This resource was developed under the leadership of ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.