Focus: French

Jasons en français: Become a French Conversation Group Facilitator

These materials are designed to train lead teachers and teacher leaders to become French conversation group facilitators. Teachers of French are often isolated in their schools and crave opportunities to speak the language with other adults. This  handbook provides a set of tools to support facilitators with the establishment and continued support of a monthly French conversation group for teachers.

The goals of the handbook are that facilitators:

  • Learn how to establish your  own monthly French conversation group for teachers.
  • Understand the conditions for success. (e.g., how to create a stress-free atmosphere for often-nervous teachers)
  • Understand how a monthly conversation group can help teachers achieve functional French language proficiency.
  • Select communicative activities and strategies for use in a monthly conversation group.
Session 1 Facilitator Guide Download PDF
This resource was developed by ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.