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Weaving Ways: Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Classrooms and Schools

The Weaving Ways resource is an introductory guide to support teachers in considering how Indigenous knowledge systems can support a rich experience for students in their classrooms. With an invitation to teachers to be mindful of Indigenous ways of knowing within current practices, Weaving Ways guides teacher exploration of the histories, cultures, languages, contributions, perspectives, experiences and contemporary contexts of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples while engendering an environment of belonging for all.

Type(s):Text Resource
Focus(s):First Nations, Métis, Inuit, Understanding and Valuing Diversity
Audience(s):Instructional Leaders, Teachers
Teaching Quality Standards:
  • Apply knowledge of First Nations, Métis, Inuit
Principal Leadership Quality Standards:
  • Support knowledge of First Nations, Métis, Inuit
Keyword(s):First Nations Métis and Inuit, FNMI, Indigenous, Instructional practices
Level(s):Early Learning, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High
Is External:Yes
Date Posted:October 09, 2018