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Shifting Mindsets

Mindsets are the beliefs we hold about ourselves and others. Adopting a growth mindset allows for children to overcome setbacks by believing they can, setting goals, finding the right strategies, and practicing them. This resource is focused on professional development for teachers, administrators, learning coaches, educational assistants, schools and districts

Type(s):Learning Guides, Videos
Focus(s):Inclusive Education, Instructional Practices, Mental Health
Audience(s):Education Assistants, Instructional Leaders, Teachers
Teaching Quality Standards:
  • Establish inclusive learning environments
Principal Leadership Quality Standards:
  • Provide instructional leadership
Keyword(s):Collaborative Partnership, FASD, Fetal alcohol syndrome, Inclusion, Inclusive, Inclusive Education, Instructional leadership, Instructional practices
Level(s):Early Learning, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High
Learning Guides:1
Date Posted:August 30, 2017