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Explore Key Aspects of a Learning Commons

Through this video series, Linda Shantz-Keresztes and Judith Sykes, share foundation knowledge on “What is a Learning Commons” and “How to Create a Shared Vision”. You will then have access to multiple short video clips including the following topics: Physical Spaces, Virtual Spaces, Makerspaces, Resource Collections and Community Engagement. This resource is focused on professional development for teachers, administrators, learning coaches, educational assistants, schools and districts. This resource supports an Alberta Education program or initiative.

Type(s):Learning Guides, Videos
Focus(s):Inquiry Based Learning/PBL, Library Learning Commons, Technology Integration
Audience(s):Education Assistants, Instructional Leaders, Parents, Teachers
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    Principal Leadership Quality Standards:
      Keyword(s):Library learning commons, Maker Education, MakerEd, Makerspace, Ministerial Order, Policy
      Level(s):Early Learning, Elementary, Junior High, Senior High
      Learning Guides:6
      Date Posted:April 19, 2017