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Early Number Sense, Addition and Subtraction: The Landscape of Learning (Grades K-2)

In an earlier in person session, Cathy Fosnot used digital video of children at work in K-2 classrooms to examine the development of the big ideas, strategies, and models related to early number sense, addition, and subtraction. These were be placed on a “landscape of learning” – a learning trajectory that participants could then use in planning instruction and assessing. They also examined ways to use games, contexts, and routines to support development. This webinar provides participants with an ongoing dialogue with Cathy Fosnot as to how these ideas are working in their classrooms. This is appropriate for a group of teachers to listen together and discuss. This resource supports a student/classroom connection.

Focus(s):Early Learning, Mathematics, Numeracy
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      Keyword(s):Early Learning, Instructional practices, Math, Numeracy
      Level(s):Early Learning, Elementary
      Webinar Date:May, 02 2011
      Date Posted:June 27, 2011