Focus: Mathematics/Numeracy

Math That Works

This resource is designed for use by instructional leaders and learning communities, or as a self-paced study to explore addition and subtraction strategies, array multiplication and division by subtraction.

Math That Works: Addition/Subtraction Strategies

In this video, a Grade 3 class uses three common strategies for solving addition and subtraction problem

  • the open number line
  • compensation
  • breaking numbers apart.

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Length: 5:22

Math That Works: Array Multiplication

In this video, a Grade 5 class learns how to multiply using arrays. The video demonstrates moving from concrete, to pictorial, to symbolic representations of array multiplication.

Both one-digit and two-digit multiplication are modelled.

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Length: 6:00

Math That Works: Division by Subtraction

In this video, a Grade 5 class uses the division by subtraction strategy to solve division problems both with and without remainders.

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Length: 5:16

This resource was developed under the leadership of ERLC as a result of a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.