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Student Learning Assessments

Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) are digitally-based beginning of the year “check in” provincial assessments that enable both parents and teachers to identify student strengths and areas for growth at the start of the school year.

Educational consultants are available to provide support in these key areas:

  • an overview of literacy and numeracy progressions, definitions, components, and elements
  • collaborative marking sessions
  • interpreting SLA data, and
  • helping teachers to determine next steps in providing literacy and numeracy interventions.

School authorities may select which schools will administer the assessments for the 2019/20 school year.

For the 2020/21 school year, SLAs will be mandatory for all school authorities.


Alberta Education has updated their materials to support districts, administrators and teachers who opt to administer this assessment in 2019-2020.  These resources can be accessed on the Alberta Education site:

  • General Information Bulletin
  • Quick Facts for Teachers
  • Quick Facts for Trustees
  • Quick Facts for Superintendents
  • Quick Facts for Parents and Guardians
  • Literacy and Numeracy Information Bulletin
  • SLA Access User Guide
  • SLA User Guide
  • SLA User Guide for Reports
  • Sample Reports
  • SLA Technical Requirements

In the SLA Application, teachers now have secured preview access to all the digital questions and performance tasks. The same resources listed above can also be found in French.

Student results will be available within 24 hours after a student completes the digital questions. Schools are expected to share students’ Grade3 SLA individual results with students’ parent(s) or guardian(s). There will be no public reporting of school, school authority or provincial results for the Student Learning Assessments.

For additional technical support using the Dashboard and preparing students to write SLAs, teachers can access the videos below.


Video Index

How to Access the Teacher Dashboard

Teachers learn how to set up an account and access the teacher dashboard for the Grade 3 SLA.

Length: 9:00