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Learning Commons: Explore Key Aspects

Linda Shantz-Keresztes and Judith Sykes share foundation knowledge on “What is a Learning Commons” and “How to Create a Shared Vision”.

Byting into the Learning Commons

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Short Video Bytes

Learning Commons Video Byte 1:
Rethink Physical Spaces
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Learning Commons Video Byte 2:
Rethink Virtual Spaces
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Learning Commons Video Byte 3:
Rethink Makerspaces
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Learning Commons Video Byte 4:
Rethink Resource Collections
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Learning Commons Video Byte 5:
Engage Community
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About the Presenters

Judith Sykes was a teacher, teacher-librarian, K-12 school library specialist, and school principal for the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). She was then a K-12 Alberta Education school library services manager leading Alberta Education’s School Library Services Initiative (2008-2012), in development of the new learning commons policy. Judith served as project coordinator/contributing writer for the Canadian Library Association (CLA)’s Leading Learning: Standards Of Practice For School Library Learning Commons In Canada 2014. She has authored five books with Libraries Unlimited, CA, most recently the forthcoming (2016) The Whole School Library Learning Commons: An Educators’ Guide.

Linda Shantz-Kerestezes has held positions as a K-12 teacher-librarian, curriculum leader, school library specialist, AISI teacher-librarian consultant/writer with the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and was a member of the Alberta’s Ministry of Education School Library In-Service Sub-Committee and teaches the Chinook Learning Services Library Assistant’s Certification Program (CBE). She is past chairperson of the Canadian Library Association’s Advisory for School Library Issues Committee which published the 2014 CLA Leading Learning: Standards of Practice for School Library Learning Commons in Canada.