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Supporting High School Completion: A Tool Kit for Success

For many students, the path to High School Completion is not a linear one.

The Supporting High School Completion: A Tool Kit For Success resource offers a process to support schools in working with youth at risk of not completing high school.  At every point along the continuum of risk from prevention, to identification, to intervention and specialised supports, this resource guides schools and school teams in the collaborative process of supporting students as they work towards high school completion.

With tools and processes to support your work, the Tool Kit centers on 4 guiding questions:

1.    Empowerment: Can the student’s choice to stay be empowered? How?

2.    Supported Exit: How can the student be continually supported if an exit from high school is necessary?

3.    Reconnection: What steps will help reconnect to the student if they have exited?

4.    Reentry and/or Continued Engagement: What is the best way to support successful reentry and continued engagement?

Shift the lens in your school from ‘What supports are available?’ to ‘How can we leverage the resources we have to remove the barriers preventing successful high school completion for this student?’

Tools in the Tool Kit

*COMING SOON: individual files for each fillable PDF – download, save, and use the ones that you need.

Tool Kit Implementation: Learning Guides

Two Learning Guides have been created to support school leaders in exploring and implementing the Supporting High School Completion: A Tool Kit For Success resource.  Download them for use with your school teams here: