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2017 ERLC EdTechTeam Summit Presenter Resources

Ack! I’m New At This. Where Do I Start? ~Michelle Armstrong
Coaching the 21st Learner : Exploring the new ISTE Student standards and Teacher PD TechTreks  ~Tom Lademann
Get Organized! with Google Calendar ~Michael Wacker
Getting to know your Google Apps ~Elizabeth Sanders
Hack Your Way Into Coding and the MakerEd Movement ~Nicole Lakusta
Learning Playlists in Google Classroom for Personalized Learning! ~Trisha Roffey
TourBuild Your World ~Nathan McEntee
Twitter – Professional Learning at your fingertips~ Jody Blackmore
Would a Recruiter Hire You, or Your Boss Fire You? Leverage Your Web Presence. ~Brian Hamm
Chromebooks: The Basics and Beyond ~Darren Maltais
Drop the PA, Join the School Hangout ~Xay Saysana, Heather Rentz
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Google Forms (*But Were Too Afraid to Ask) ~Donnie Piercey
Got GAFE? Got iPad? Get productive! ~Chris Betcher
Growing Classroom Culture & Digital Citizenship with Google Apps ~Elizabeth Sanders
Learning in 360 Degrees! ~Trisha Roffey
Seesaw in the Classroom ~Sam Livingstone
Zero to Ninja: Google Docs ~Michael Wacker
Big Data, Little Data ~Chris Betcher
Explore Google Cardboard ~Donnie Piercey
Communicating Student Learning ~Kurt Oswald, Colleen Alpern
Map It Out! ~Karla Holt
Reimagining Assistive Technology Through Inclusive Makerspaces, Coding, Robotics and Virtual Reality! ~Trisha Roffey
So You Think You Can Search? ~Michelle Armstrong
Social Media in your Learning Commons K-12 ~Lissa Davies and Karen Belter
BreakoutEDU – Explore all things CANADA eh! ~Dane Sadownyk, Diane Lefebvre
Design Thinking Crash Course: Destination Unknown ~Brian Hamm
Differentiation with Hapara Workspaces ~Jody Blackmore, Phillip Hambly &amp
Don’t Reinvent the Wheel. Remix the Template ~Xay Saysana, Heather Rentz
Getting Going with Google Classroom ~Darren Maltais
Google Chrome – Your Power Browser! ~Trevor Beck
Say Whaaaaaaat? Formative Assessment and Feedback with Google Apps, Extensions, and Add-ons ~Daniel Maas
Teach computer science? Yes, you can with Google CS First! ~Michael Wacker
Beyond the Slideshow ~Darren Maltais
BreakoutEDU – Science? Awesome! Batman? Awesome! ~Dane Sadownyk, Diane Lefebvre
Code your way through the curriculum with Sphero Robotics ~Karla Holt, Christina Doehring
GAFE in Division One ~Colette Mondor
Go Go Gadget Google! ~Nathan McEntee
Google Apps for Research ~Lissa Davies, Karen Belter
Hands On Robotics Session – No Experience Required! ~Dennis Kambeitz
Hyped Up about HyperDocs! ~Elizabeth Sanders
Scripts and AddOns for complete beginners ~Chris Betcher
Advanced Google Forms Validation ~Trevor Beck
Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Forms ~Michelle Armstrong
Flipping your classroom, where and how to start ~Phillip Hambly
Google Classroom: Everything in One Place ~Tarynne Angell
Meet The New Google Sites ~Lisa Thumann
No Teacher Left Behind ~Brian Hamm
Rich Media Projects in Chrome ~Chris Betcher
Under the hood of the Google Admin Panel ~Ray McCubbing
Zero to Ninja with Google Sheets and Forms ~Michael Wacker
Filter Failure – Taming Your Inbox ~Lisa Thumann
Google Apps and Beyond: New Tips and Tricks ~Lissa Davies, Karen Belter
Google Chrome Ninja ~Christine Quong
Reading/Writing Workshops with Google Classroom & Drive ~Elizabeth Sanders
Google Classroom: An Advanced Guide ~Donnie Piercey
Selecting Digital Resources ~Colette Mondor
Spreadsheets without Numbers (Behaviour School for Bad Data) ~Trevor Beck
The Pursuit of Appyness ~Darren Maltais
A Digital Toolkit for Teachers and Students ~Darren Maltais
Distracted Learning: Managing Devices and Learning in Your Classroom ~Nathan McEntee
Drive It Home with Chrome V2 ~Lisa Thumann
Eh to Zed Googlicious Awesomeness ~Michael Wacker, Michelle Armstrong
Going Cross Curricular with Google Maps ~Donnie Piercey
Google Hangouts – Collaboration across the world ~Jody Blackmore
One Size Fits None-Personalizing Learning with Google Tools and Online Resources ~Karla Holt